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GuS GmbH & Co. KG and GuS Periscopes GmbH & Co. KG

With a team of about 100 employees, our company produces periscopes and armored glass in superior quality for the German as well as the international market.

Our highly motivated and trained staff guarantees that our products meet our high standards. This has allowed us to hold our position as a national and international leader in this field for many years.

You are interested in career opportunities in Germany? Then become part of our innovation-driven team.

Our employees

Every member of our team is important

Working for GuS is more than just a job. You can expect challenging work that provides great potential for learning and offers a great amount of personal responsibility. The working environment is helpful and considerate to a high degree and gives you recognition for work performed.

Our goal is to protect the passengers in armored vehicles and to guarantee the safety of human lives with our products, whether they are used for military or civilian purposes. Thus the work of every employee has great responsibility. Knowing that everyone is making an important contribution to keep people safe provides our workforce with renewed energy every day. 

No boredom at the workplace

A lot of experience on the job

You will be able to gain a lot of experience in your daily work since no two days are exactly the same.

The work is varied to the highest degree due to continuously increasing demands on our products and testing methods, numerous customized orders and constant research. Ideas for improving our products come from all departments. We take suggestions seriously, assess and implement them where applicable, and acknowledge the commitment. This close interconnection of all levels is very important for us.

Our employees feel good working at such a responsible and varied workplace being aware of the importance of what to do.

Family-like corporate culture

Our family-owned business looks back on over 40 years of success. Our employees have guaranteed this success and feel so close to our company that they stay with us for a long time: More than half of our employees have been working for us for more than 10 years while several have even been with us since the company was founded in 1977. This creates a family-like atmosphere where friendships develop and in where we like to live and work.

Under the assumption that “if our employees feel good, they will also do a good job” we do a great deal to make sure our staff is happy. Therefore we address the needs of our employees with our flexible work-time model and, for example, make appropriate part-time solutions possible, depending on demand.


At GuS, salaries are oriented toward collective wage agreements. Beyond this, we provide additional benefits, such as

  • Christmas gratification
  • vacation pay
  • bonus payments
  • subsidized meals
  • in some cases company cars
  • healthy nutrition, water and fruit
  • individual company pension

Our newly designed and modern recreation room includes a cafeteria that offers delicious and healthy meals. If you love fresh air, you can withdraw to the adjoining courtyard.  

Last but not least, the health of our staff is also very important for us. In order that our employees feel well in all regards, we provide various health measures, such as courses on back health, lectures on health in general, and special “health” days with different topics on a regular basis. We are always open to changes that ensure our employees feel good and stay healthy.  

Opportunities for further education

We offer our employees numerous in-house and external training opportunities.

On the one hand, these opportunities are of professional nature and help expand and update necessary expertise. On the other hand, we also offer leadership training, a weekly English course, and many other opportunities to support our employees’ capabilities and their potential for career development in an optimal way.

External research projects

Our own research and development department – that works in close cooperation with universities and research institutes – also provides different subjects for bachelor and master theses, dissertations, etc. in chemistry, process engineering and materials science. These research papers pertain, for example, to the possibilities of adhesive technology and surface treatment.

Headquarters in Luebbecke

Our company headquarters are in Luebbecke in North Rhine-Westphalia. This quiet little town provides us not only with ample space and enough parking opportunities for our entire workforce, but also a high recreational value and an excellent connection to surrounding cities: A half-hour’s drive by car brings you to Bielefeld or Osnabrueck, a one-hour’s drive to Hanover.

Luebbecke itself – with a historical center dating back about 1,000 years and attractive shopping opportunities – is a popular place for vacation. With a population of approximately 26,000, an excellent infrastructure, and abundant recreational opportunities, Luebbecke is a pleasant place to live and start a career in Germany.