Customer orientation

Our products protect lives and health, especially those who put themselves in danger of conflicts around the world. Therefore our priority is the reliability of the protective systems we produce.

We provide solutions and convince our customers by the strength of our innovations, our reliability and the quality of our products. Our competent advice and support lead to successful projects from the start, beginning with the conception and development phases for new products. By focusing on the needs of our customers, we are able to guarantee success.
We aim to captivate our customers and improve our products continually through innovative solutions and place great trust in our core competences in developing and producing periscopes and armored glass.

Our quality management system

We see our quality management system as a co-operation between all of our business units. This also includes our relationship with service providers and suppliers.  

The qualification of our employees is supported by our management through appropriate measures and training so that every employee knows our quality assurance guidelines and requirements and can apply them responsibly in their field of competence – in accordance with our motto, “Avoiding mistakes is better than correcting mistakes.”

Safety for human lives

GuS armored windows and periscopes protect people. Because we are aware of our responsibility for the lives and wellbeing of those that use our products, we feel strongly about quality. We therefore aim to provide more security every day.

Experienced staff

Our experienced staff guarantee the highest possible quality

Among other factors, the top quality we produce is founded on our great number of employees that have been with us for many years and whose trained eyes spot every mistake. “Made in Germany” is therefore a matter of trust for each and every employee on each and every day.

Our quality assurance experts are particularly specialized in recognizing the potential for process improvements – in the product as well as in the entire process. In addition, we document everything precisely, from the initial request to final delivery, as part of our configuration management.

Test methods

Test methods in accordance with international requirements

The quality inspections of our armoured glass and periscopes are executed according to the requirements of our customers. 

Beside our own testing, further tests are painstakingly performed, depending on customer requirements, in accordance with the respective government agencies and external testing institutes. Special ballistic tests can be performed along with other scenarios to fully satisfy our customers.

Test procedures

Before delivery, we test our armored windows and periscopes against various quality standards according to the German Federal Armed Forces’ TL 2350-006 or TL 6650 (and following) and tests requested by our international customers.

Ballistic tests in every production unit:

  • Additional repeat tests are performed on at least each 150th window.
  • Test type (frequency, angle, munition, etc.) can be determined individually.

Testing of optical characteristics:

  • Transmission rates can be tested in standard light A as well as in the wavelength range of 460 to 1,064 nm.
  • tests for soiling, bubbles, scratches, delamination and streaks
  • tests for optical distortion

Environmental tests:

  • Temperature-change and temperature-shock tests can be performed within the temperature range of -60°C to +160°C (-76°F to 320°F).
  • vibration test
  • mechanical-shock test
  • leak test
  • sand and dust test
  • torsion test

With our range of about 400 periscopes, exact testing of each model is extremely important for us. Tests on the optical bench are therefore especially tailored to the individual periscope constructions with our finely tuned periscope testing equipment.

In addition to the requested tests, we take random samples for quality assurance purposes in order to guarantee a consistent level of quality over the entire production process. Furthermore, we test the durability of our products in long-term tests as well as extreme stress tests as part of research and development. GuS imposes high standards to their production. From this it follows that our periscopes and bullet-resistant glass have a high quality and reach the highest international level to protect passengers.

Certified QM and product standards

Our employees meticulously test every component before it is delivered. Thus we fulfill the international quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001 while producing in accordance with NATO’s AQAP 2110 (Allied Quality Assurance Publications) and the respective local standards of our customers, such as MIL, VPAM, etc. Our test methods are validated in-house as well as externally, for example by Kiwa.
Beyond that, we are subject to routine customer audits that make our quality assurance transparent to our clients.