GuS: Glass and Safety – customized for your projects

 GuS possesses the undisputed competence in producing modern transparent armor from composite components, as well as high-quality precision periscopes. Through our innovative strength and by listening closely to our customers, we have been able to convince clients around the world of the quality of our products.

Fields of application

Transparent armor and periscopes in combat vehicles:

  • track vehicles
  • wheeled vehicles
  • ships
  • submarines
  • bunkers

Personal protection in civilian vehicles:

  • bullet-resistant windows in vehicles (for example for politicians)
  • ship windows, port holes, etc.
  • armored glass windows for rail vehicles
  • armored glass windows for construction vehicles

Safety glass windows in architecture:

  • protective windows
  • glass doors
  • transparent floor panels
  • glass roofs
  • glass banisters


  • transparent protective enclosures


If the products we have developed so far do not meet your needs, we provide project managers to advise our customers on their new projects and help with everything from specifications or design to prototyping and series production to sustainable technical support for the product lifetime.


Your greatest advantage – our flexibility

When you plan a new vehicle with transparent armor, you profit from our flexibility in many ways:

1. product development in compliance with various international standards
2. customized planning
3. customized products
4. weight-optimized components
5. production of individual items possible
6. great diversity of laminated glass technologies, depending on requirements
7. numerous additional components
8. individual test procedures possible

Retrofitting – product upgrades

Many vehicles are used for decades – during which technical possibilities and requirements continuously develop and retrofitting becomes necessary. Our experts design concepts to bring your vehicles up-to-date while reducing weight and increasing protection and added value.

Individual replacement and repairs

Our products provide protection – and are sometimes damaged in the process. Ballistic and environmental influences cause damage that can impair functionality. In such cases we are glad to provide replacement, either in the form of spare parts or repairs.  

We have developed an approved and tested repair procedure that allows us to save the affected transparent armor in many cases. We also give the same guarantee on repaired transparent armor as we do on new transparent armor.

Quality with a history

Since the 1970s, GuS has produced periscopes and since 2001 certified armored glass for military use, paramilitary organizations, such as police and border guards, and civilian purposes. During this time, we have constantly expanded our range and kept our know-how up-to-date. In this way, we were able to gain the confidence of customers from more than 50 countries as the supplier of optical products.

At our headquarters in Luebbecke, which cover 8,000 m2, approximately 100 employees research and produce laminated glass, transparent armor and periscopes of the highest quality – Made in Germany.