A family business with one purpose: Securing human lives

GuS stands for "Glas und Sicherheit" ("Glass + Safety"), and our purpose is:
To guarantee safety with products made of glass.

Our international customers, from more than 40 countries around the world, trust us to protect human lives against environmental and attack-related dangers – in civilian as well as in military surroundings.

We thus support:

  • People at work in defense, conflict prevention and crisis management
  • Security services in fulfilling their mission to protect
  • Engineers, architects and scientists researching, developing, testing and implementing new processes, materials, products and construction projects to secure and protect human lives.

The founder of German family business GuS, Mr. Dieter Kuhnke, has had this goal in his sights since founding the company in 1977 and stands behind this conviction to this day.


Global leadership in terms of quality, function and precise fit

We protect human lives. For this reason, GuS always aspires to global market leadership for safety components by virtue of quality and the future-oriented development of our products.

We are therefore specialized in this niche category to the very highest degree and, in addition to a wide range of standard periscopes and armored glass, we offer products made in accordance with the individual requirements and wishes of our international customers.


Constant further development and continuous learning processes

The demands on our products and testing procedures are constantly evolving. As a family company, our highest priority at GuS is to drive development, to have the best possible connection to our customers, to work in close cooperation with our partners in science and to lend an ear to the ideas and discoveries of our own staff. This comprehensive network of knowledge permits constant future-oriented further development of our products and guaranteed maximum safety.


Our values as a family owned business: Ethical responsibility

Everyone working at GuS develops, produces and provides customer care all over the world with the aim of keeping the troops, the policemen and all those who require the protection of our products from harm as best as possible. Therefore, these people have the greatest chances of returning home safely after fulfilling their missions. Contributing to this goal provides a great amount of motivation for every member of the GuS family.


Sustainable production

Today, the idea of sustainability plays an important role, particularly when it comes to environmental protection. Our company is also devoted to this topic and pursues responsible handling of energy, natural resources and waste products. Aside from behaving responsibly towards the environment, we will achieve good economic results in the long term by investing in the efficient use of energy, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the protection of resources.

GuS's positive stance towards sustainability also provides advantages for our customers. For example, we develop long-lasting products that can even be repaired in the event of damage or wear. Since we can avoid full replacement in many cases this way, this service is also highly economic for our customers.

Corporate culture

Motivated empowerment in a family-run working environment

GuS is a family business with 100 employees. But more than just the family ties within management, a real family-like culture has evolved in our company. At GuS, respect for all employees, reciprocal motivation and a strong sense of responsibility are integral parts of a workplace at which employees want to stay and perform at the highest level. This is why far more than half of all of our employees have been advising, researching and producing in our company for more than ten years now – a number that reflects the happiness of our staff.

A high degree of empowerment in all employees, a highly varied area of responsibility and the meaningful goal of protecting human lives gives everyone the feeling of playing an important role within our family business and leads to everyone delivering the best possible results as a team. In this way, top quality products and comprehensive innovations are created together through passion and solid processes.