GuS: Proven laminated glass experience for safe cabin windows

The production of flat safety glass is the core competence of the GuS. In particular, our decades of experience as a supplier of panes in the defense sector enable us to guarantee the highest possible level of protection for these drivers, even in the civil sector - for example in the construction machine glazing or the manufacture of cabin windows for forest vehicles.

Possible uses

  • Construction machinery
  • Forest vehicles
  • Armored security vehicles       
  • Shipping
  • Protective screens
  • Protective shields
  • Building glazing
  • Machine housings

Best material properties and innovative technology

The glass panes for construction machines and other special vehicles are exposed to daily loads such as heat, UV rays, cold, sand and the like. To ensure that the windows of the construction machinery offer full protection properties even after many years of operation, even under the toughest conditions, we manufacture our windows for construction machinery from high-quality laminated safety glass (VSG) and plastic composites (KSV) under the strictest quality controls.

Our networks offer:

  • Optimal optics that guarantee street approval according to StVZO-TA29
  • Good sound insulation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemical-resistant coating inside and outside
  • Resistance to operating materials
  • Climate resistance
  • UV protection

Further optional equipment features for all GuS networks:

  • Increased UV protection to protect people and materials
  • Increased stone chip and scratch resistance
  • Transparent window heating for defrosting and demisting
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Tints

Display functions to project advertisements on panes of construction and forestry machines.

Innovation on the cabin window: display indicators

Whether for the coordination of the construction machinery or to display important vehicle displays: With the innovative head-up display function, freely selectable displays can be projected onto the vehicle window.

This fluorescent information system is robust and durable: it easily withstands high moisture, vibrations and shocks. In addition, it can even be used in the entire temperature range from -54 ° C to 83 ° C.

The fast information transfer to the display in the millisecond range also enables important data to be passed on to the driver immediately and the fittings to be shown as a display. The diverse functions thus offer fascinating possibilities that can significantly improve the interaction between vehicle drivers and vehicles.

Laminated safety glass

The goal of our constant material research and development are lighter composites with even higher protective properties.

  • Penetration-resistant panes prevent the splinter from entering the interior
  • Up to 20% weight reduction compared to conventional windows for better vehicle performance
  • Enables the production of considerably thinner panes with better optics and material savings
  • With traffic regulations (StVZO)
  • With increased abrasion resistance

GuSPLEX® – the new plastic composite technology

The latest innovation, GuSPLEX®, is plastic composites that are up to 30% lighter than safety glass with comparable penetration protection and have a very high splinter-free impact resistance. Our latest plastic composite technology even withstands triangle shelling in the test.

Technical data of the GuSPLEX® composites

Bond thickness 21,6 mm 33,8 mm
Basis weight 24,2 kg/m² 39,9 kg/m²
Light transmission 86% 86%
Additional Ballistic protection
VPAM PM2007 – PM3 – NS
Environmental testing
Ballistic protection
VPAM PM2007 – PM4 – NS
Environmental testing

Customized solutions

We can guarantee the highest level of safety for individual vehicles, in particular, through our experienced design service: Our experts work with our customers to develop vehicle-specific bodies. Force field analyzes and simulations are used to take the relevant requirements into account. Talk to us: Our in-house research and development department will work with you to develop the best possible concept for maximum safety and optimum driving properties for your construction machinery and commercial vehicles.


Guaranteed protection

Our products are subjected to the toughest test conditions before delivery. Our technology offers the highest level of protection thanks to our worldwide experience in the military sector. This is why our laminates and superstructures made of laminated safety glass achieve the highest level of protection for all types of loads and environmental conditions. By default, our cabin windows meet the relevant qualifications, e.g. the BR classes of DIN EN 1063, VPAM APR2006, TL2350-0006 DIN EN 356, DIN 52290 and UL 752.


GuS after-sales service & repair

If the construction machine glass is damaged When the machines are in operation, it cannot be avoided that the construction machine glazing is damaged. In such cases, we offer an after-sales service that assesses the damaged cabin window on site and thus determines whether a repair is possible. If you wish, we can come to your company or train your staff to do this yourself. Our repair process, which has been tried and tested in the military sector, offers the advantage over a replacement of restoring the pane and thus minimizing costs and downtimes.



Together we develop the highest level of safety for vehicle drivers with optimal vehicle driving characteristics.

You too can benefit from our many years of experience.