Customized Security Concepts for Armored Vehicles

Armored glass and periscopes – tailored to your demands

Customer satisfaction to the highest degree is always the motivation of the employees at GuS. This means that we do not only offer you our standard armoured glass products that are currently available, but can also work out individual concepts that cover your specific requirements for transparent armor windows or periscopes: Customer orientation from planning to testing to the finished product.

Product development and new design

Our engineers and specialists from research and development are there for you from the start of design till the implementation of new ideas according to your requirements.

Thus, we aim to find the ideal balance between the requested specifications and additional requirements regarding weight, thickness etc. in order to achieve maximum security and functionality for you within a given budget.

Testing procedures in accordance with international standards or special requirements

We perform tests in accordance with TL, MIL AQAP, ISO and other similar standards. However, we are also glad to have new or modified tests performed according to your specifications, to guarantee the security level you desire.

This means, for example:

  • periscopes for high-temperature requirements
  • armored-glass tests with additional firing from unusual angles or bullet types
  • overload tests under fire as well as various types of environmental hazards
  • testing in real conditions at end-user’s location

Customized production

As a mid-sized family business, we are flexible in our processes and, due to efficient decision-making, can offer swift project completion from quote to implementation. This allows us to make customized products within a short time frame, depending on the scope of the requirements. 

We guarantee maximum flexibility regarding minimum purchase quantity on the one hand and, on the other, can produce pre-finished systems with frames and other accessories for you, support you with our technical expertise at installation and, if requested, can train you in professional damage diagnostics.


GuS periscopes are vehicle-adapted, ergonomic, efficient and precisely fitted to the vehicle and the requirement profile. Whether you are interested in folding periscopes – that not only save space, but can also be individually adjusted to eye position – or versions with cameras and display technology: GuS, as the leading producer of armored glass and periscopes, offers a high degree of possibilities for customization.  

Generally we can produce periscopes with dimensions ranging from 50 mm (height) x 20 mm (width) x 20 mm (depth) to 320 mm (height) x 1,000 mm (width) x 110 mm (depth).

We can, of course, also configure any periscope according to customer specifications.

  • according to the requested optical characteristics
  • adapted to vehicle space available
  • equipped with the necessary safety requirements in accordance with the overall concept (splinter protection, laser protection, etc.) 

Armored glass

Depending on the vehicle, place of deployment and protection demand, the requirements for armored glass can vary greatly. We produce high-quality armored glass windows according to your specifications.

In developing optical systems for armored vehicles we undertake complex actions to achieve an optimum of optical and mechanical product characteristics.
Our engineers, for example, help finding the right composites through advanced simulations and tests. The respective specifications and environmental conditions provide the basis for this work. 

GuS provides a solution for each specific usage requirement, e.g. window heating, night-vision compatibility, laser protection, etc.

  • according to ballistic protection, mechanical stresses and environmental influences
  • in the desired shape and thickness
  • weight-optimized
  • compatible with night-vision devices

GuS: Experts for special technical solutions

Technical progress and special requirements on our armoring products have invariably been a welcome challenge for our company since being founded in 1977.

Thus, we have become specialized in

  • developing cutting-edge technologies and products
  • creating individual solutions for special requirements in co-operation with our customers.