Repairing Armored Glass

Quickly and economically back in operation

The military vehicles that are equipped with our armored glass windows travel on various types of terrain. As a result, safety and visibility can be decreased by damage from many different factors. GuS offers a quick, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged windows: our accredited armored glass repair procedure enables a new operation of the military vehicle in a short time.

Military vehicle repair procedure

GuS military maintenance procedures for the different types of damage restore the safety and optical requirements of the damaged window in such a manner that the warranty for the original window remains intact. In this way, buying a new window can be avoided in many cases.

Our military maintenance service staff can also inspect the damage at the site of the customer’s fleet and, in this way, guarantee a speedy repair process.

If requested, the following methods are used to repair armored glass on military vehicles:

1: replacement of polycarbonate layer
2: repair of heating
3: replacement of polycarbonate layer and outer pane
4: frame repair
5: replacement of the composite safety glass block

Professional inspection

In order to properly assess the damage (inspection), the following should be ensured:

  • Make sure visibility is good. If necessary, wear glasses.
  • Clean and dry windows.
  • Arrange sufficient lighting without any reflections if possible. Best to work from the inside of the window.
  • Document damage clearly.

In order to make on-site inspection easier, we also offer maintenance training programs for our customers. Training can take place at our location or the customer’s. The MOD’s or user’s newly acquired knowledge helps eliminate any questions and optimize repairs, reducing the vehicle’s downtime.

Possible types of damage of armored glass windows

Inspection helps identify damaged windows that no longer fulfill safety, functional or optical requirements. In Germany, damage can also lead to the cancellation of the approval by the StVZO (Road Traffic Permit Act).

Damage that does not necessarily have to be repaired:

Scratches in the glass (outside):

Scratches that can be felt with a fingernail but only affect the outer glass layer do not impair safety. They can be removed by polishing.

Delamination (glass / glass):

In rare cases, extreme wear can cause the delamination of the laminated glass panes. This usually starts at the frame. Safety is still guaranteed, but if this spreads out over a greater surface and leads to lowered visibility, repair can become necessary.

Regular wear and tear:

If there is no visible damage, the window can be used furthermore without any concern. We however recommend a yearly check for scratches, cracks, chipping, delamination and other damage.

According to the German StVZO (Road Traffic Permit Act), repair or replacement is required in the event of damage to the main field of vision A and secondary field of vision B.
We can gladly explain to you the exact diagnostic details on whether vehicle repair is necessary or not and can send you our “Technical Bulletin for Armored Glass”.

We recommend repairs for the following types of damage:

Scratches in the polycarbonate (inside of window):

Depending on the size of a scratch in the plastic coating that can be felt with a fingernail, safety can be impaired, since this weakens the composite.

Delamination (polycarbonate / glass):

In rare cases, extreme wear can lead to the laminated glass and plastic layers becoming detached from one another starting at the frame. Safety might be impaired, depending on size and frequency.

Impact marks without cracks

For example from rock strikes:

This represents impaired ballistic protection, even though safety remains intact in the case of small impact marks.

Impact marks with cracks

For example from rock strikes:

Safety is impaired in varying degrees, depending on the size of the crack.


If you require an inspection or would like to sign your employees up for our military maintenance training program, please get in touch with us.

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