With our modular concept we uniquely configure our periscopes with the following accesories to meet our costumers' needs:

  • Three different laser filter variants
  • Window heating
  • EMP
  • Digital display
  • Lamellar seals
  • Sun protection
  • Flap mirror systems
  • Protection caps
  • Blackout blinds


Protective flaps and blackout flaps

Protective flaps for periscopes are used to protect the vehicle crew from head injuries in particular during "off-road" operations.

Blackout flaps are designed to prevent the escape of light from the vehicle for example during night operations. Blackout flaps are also stocked for a wide range of different periscope types.

Window heating

Window heating guarantees a clear view when there is a high level of humidity in the vehicle or when in the winter exterior air humidity frosts over the glass panes.

MBTs and AFVs must display the greatest possible mobility and must be able to operate all over the world irrespective of climatic conditions. Heated windows ensure de-icing of external windows and prevent internal windows misting up.

Integrated laser protection

Integrated laser protection is a laser protection built into the vehicle itself and which cannot be dismounted or exchanged. The advantage of integrated laser protection is that the periscope is always fitted with basic protection and this can be supplemented by additional laser protection to be fitted at any time.

Foldaway periscopes

Foldaway periscopes at the positions where fitting room is restricted, a foldaway periscope will as a rule be fitted.

Lamellar seals

In comparison with standard seals on many periscopes  lamellar seals  have a substantially better sealing capability.

Transport and storage container

You want a safe transport for sensitive to shock devices?
For 20 years GuS is offering transport and storage containers. These containers ensure a safe transport for sensitive to shock military products, such as optical devices like periscopes or microchips. Transport containers can be used several times. GuS supplies 14 different types of storage containers.  These are under permanent quality inspection to meet customer requirements. Basically, storage containers are colored bronze/green. You want another color? GuS is coloring transport containers relative to customer requirements. All containers are filled with insert plastic foam which is re-orderable.